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Heart Rate Zones

Heart rate zones are specific heart rate ranges used for monitoring training intensity during exercise or everyday activities. They are calculated based on a percentage of an individual's estimated maximum heart rate.

Fitness tracking devices typically have pre-set heart rate zones, ranging from very light to maximum effort. Heart rate zones can be a helpful tool for creating intentional cardio training programs, helping individuals progress gradually towards their goals and improving their fitness.

Automatically generated heart rate zones, like those calculated by fitness trackers and cardio machines, only adjust for age, which doesn't consider important variables like genetics or medications. Additionally, heart rate zone percentages vary from device to device, so what's measured as a moderate heart rate zone might be a few percentage points different from another brand.

Maximal heart rate (MHR) is important to know when calculating heart rate training zones for a cardio program, as it is the highest number of beats per minute that the heart can pump under maximal stress. MHR is generally not measured through fitness testing but rather through a simple calculation. Ideally, your "cardio" session or workout should be in the aerobic zone.

To calculate one's max heart rate, use the equation below:

220 – age = HRmax

Target heart rate is the predetermined exercising heart rate or intensity that you want to train in for the day. For example, to exercise at a moderate target heart rate, you need to calculate 70-80% of your max heart rate.

Here is an example of a 31 year-old's heart rate zones:

In conclusion, you do not have to do the following for cardio:

  1. Running

  2. Sprinting

  3. Treadmill

  4. Did I mention running?

Needless to say, if you like to run, by all means that are not mine, run. However, your aerobic zone can be accomplished as long as your heart rate is within THAT specified zone.

Weightlifting, dancing, swimming, etc. Cardio can be accomplished by many other activities.

Have the day you deserve 🐻🤘🏽💚

To get your heart rate zones, click the link below:

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