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About Me

Let me introduce myself: I am Running Bear Hernandez, but you can call me Bear.

(2015) I initially stepped into the fitness world as another average Joe. I had little knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I fumbled around the weight room, refusing to go home until I felt like I did enough. I struggled making sense of programs and routines I got from the internet. (Bodybuilding, fitness influencers, etc). I did my best to mirror execution of exercises, but with little knowledge, I had no real clue whether or not they were performed correctly.

(2018) I attended The College of Health Care Professions here in San Antonio, Texas and obtained my CRTT.  It definitely broadened my knowledge and foundation for health/fitness. While my CRTT is different than an Exercise Therapy Certification, it definitely has the same framework. In no way shape or form am I saying I am justified in pre- and post-injury and wellness, but I have a good grasp on the principles. Better believe I am going for that certification though. It will only allow me to strengthen my foundation, for both, myself and clients.

(2016-Current) Eager to set the tone for my newfound passion, I started training family and coworkers prior to my certification. In doing so, I gathered insight on what it would be like to train the various types of people, from all types of fitness/health backgrounds; to include mental fortitude. It was definitely a work in progress and challenging, but what great things aren't, right?

Along the way, I have helped prediabetic, preobesity, those seeking weight loss (aka fat loss) and muscle gain. All prior to obtaining my CPT and Nutritionist Certifications. Now, I can only imagine how significantly more help, knowledge, and guidance I can provide to my past, current and future clients. (That rhymed, maybe I'll pick up rapping as well)

I have an immense passion for this industry and I vow to promote the core foundation of it: Improved Life.  

As a CPT and SSN, I promise to be agnostic in regards to exercises and nutrition, meaning I will not praise any one diet or workout over the other. However, I will train and coach you on what works. The rest is up to you.

As I grow, so will you.

Running Down Stairs
Stretching Exercises
Intense Training
Lifting Weights
Llifting Weights
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