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Whether you are trying to build muscle, reduce body fat, or simply find some structure in your training, I am here to help!

Intense Training


What Are You Looking to Improve?


Whether you're seeking One on One training or simply a foundation to start your journey, plans specific for your training needs. Offering online and in person training programs! Let's tailor that birthday suit!


Whether you're trying to shed weight or gain muscle, your nutrition is the one thing that will help you reach your true potential. Let me help you become your phenomenal self while still eating what you love!


Hello, I'm Running Bear, and this is my story

I am a certified personal trainer who discovered my passion in helping others regain control of their health and confidence!

I was a "hard gainer" and struggled to put on muscle, until I decided to implement the right nutrition with the proper training!

My primary goal is to inspire you to feel stronger, healthier, and regain confidence in yourself!

Great things do not come easy, so be prepared to be pushed mentally and physically!

Besides looking and feeling great, there are many amazing benefits to be had from resistance training to include the following:

1. Decreases risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone density

2. More lean muscle tissue increases your metabolic rate which equals a leaner, healthier you!

3.  Decreases Blood Pressure and Improves Heart Function

and finally,

4. Boosted Confidence!


Remember, progress is a process.

Thank you for allowing me to help along your fitness journey. I am always here for you.


 Have the day you deserve!

Image by Mark Basarab